How to Create Your Couple Leadership Profile

Each of us is unique.

We’re usually pretty aware of that by now. The way we think, the things we laugh at, the passions that drive us. No one is quite like us. 

When it comes to the way you and your spouse lead, the same is true... only magnified. Two unique skill sets, personalities, and callings came together to create a leadership profile that will never be replicated again on this earth. God took two individuals and brought them together for a divine assignment to extend the kingdom of heaven.

If we don’t become aware of our uniqueness, we fall prey to comparison and imitation. Instead of growing in confidence and security, we become frustrated and discouraged. We’re tempted to find an easier way or quit altogether. 

How do you lean into your unique leadership profile as a couple?

1. Name It

What gifts do you possess? What strengths lie buried that need to be mined out? Where is your greatest contribution to the team? What things do you struggle with or cause you to feel drained? What brings you the most energy?

Asking questions of yourself and your spouse helps to frame in the uniqueness of your combined leadership. It’s an unfolding process, so don’t let it box you in. The frame needs to breathe and allow each of you room to grow into the leaders you’re called to be.

2. Invest in It

Skills must be developed. Gifts need to be honed. No one becomes an expert without significant investment into learning their field of expertise. 

The best contribution you make to the world around you is becoming the best version of yourself- the person God designed you to be.

What class, course, mentorship relationship, community, or opportunities do you need to invest in as individuals and as a couple?

3. Build for It

Just because you know what your greatest contribution is doesn’t mean you actually have the space to focus your energy there. As the leader, you’re constantly filling gaps and making things run. You don’t always have the luxury to carve out a role of everything you love and are good at minus everything you hate. But you can build towards that end.

As you name and invest in the areas you’re strongest in, set goals of building a team to allow you to focus your attention there. 

The health and longevity of your team rides on the two of you living out of a secure place of identity and calling. 

4. Find Friends for It

We all need those people who remind us that the best person to be is ourselves. They don’t need us to be anything but who we are. Friends like that don’t come easily, we have to forge those relationships through time and commitment.

A great place to find those kinds of friends is through the CoLead tribe. We realize there are lots of couples navigating how to lead together and they need a community around them for the journey. As much as we’d love to be done with the conversation about whether women should be able to lead in the church, there are still lots of people who land on the other side of the theological argument. You need people around you who are “all in” on what God is calling you to as a couple.

Join us on our Facebook page or for one of our events coming up to start building those relationships!

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